Thanksgiving week: Happiness and Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week and you know what one of the most important action items we all need to seriously do in our lives: Gratitude. This is the secret weapon to getting you off that couch. It’s such an awesome and amazing word.  Be grateful! Be thankful! This word can reset your mindset and bring you into a better level in your being. But not just during this week. It’s way easy this week: you get to spend time with family and friends that you may not have seen in a while, eat great food, have off of work and take naps! Easy!  But let’s try to be grateful every day of our lives. I truly believe that the more you have gratitude in your life, the happier you’ll be. This wonderful video sums up how gratitude can make you happier. I bet you may cry: cause I sure did!




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