The Success Indicator: Qualities that we should all strive to have in our lives

I came acrosss this chart from my Facebook feed and I really resonated with me. What do successful people and unsuccessful people do? So, I googled and tracked down the article. It was a Huffington Post article: The Sucess Indicator by the writer: MaryEllen Tribby. The story was about an interview with Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

Successful people have a special set action items they perform. One of the items that struck me was that successful people embrace change. We are a society that likes routine. “Guilty, right here!” And I am one of those that is a creature of habit, LOL! With this movement I’m trying to create is very hard for me to do. It’s totally changing and challenging myself. Being on camera is REALLY HARD, LOL! I had no idea. But we have to power through! Or as my younger coworker would say, “Keep grinding!”

Another thing that successful people do is compliment rather than criticize. Asian cultures do the total opposite: criticize and critique, rather than compliment. This is huge part of Asian cultures! It’s a terrible vicious cycle. I see myself trying to stop that terrible trait from entering my child’s psychie, but I do end up slipping here and there.  So, every morning I try to reinforce the positives and tell my child that I love them and am proud of them. I also tell my child to, “grow your brain and it’s OK to take risks.” Putting in the “take risks” is key because my middle schooler would rather not do anything that would push them to be noticed. If I let her know everyday, maybe they will become a confident person? I can only hope.

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