Welcome! What is Couch 2 FIRE?

Hello! My name is Simona and I am here to start an amazing movement. I’m here before you,  to push myself to step outside of my comfort zone and start a great movement. If you are like me, I am an average person, with an average job, trying to raise a family and pretty happy. Most people are happy with that. Dont get me wrong, I am a very grateful and happy person. With social media in our lives, I feel a bit more inclined to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue something with a bit more substance. This is actually pretty stressful for me to put myself out there and not knowing if this will be a successful movement or a total flop. But I am committed to do this! Have you ever had a goal that you held in the very back of your mind and thought to yourself some day when the timings right, and when I have some free time, I want to try to pursue this dream of mine? I have that too. Well, let’s not wait for the right timing or not pursue a goal cause you are too busy with your life to work on yourself. I’m here to remind  you that your dreams matter. Your goals matter. And  you matter!

I want to start a movement where I a regular person like me, can achieve great things. We all can achieve amazing feats! I know if I can try to step out of my boundaries, so can you!  Whether it be inventing the latest gadget, to running in an ultra marathon, to becoming a millionaire and starting a charity or foundation, we all have that one spark or desire we should still try to accomplish. Cause you know what? I really think and truly think we all can do a little better and get those desires into actions. I owe this to myself and I’m totally throwing this movement out there into the universe. If I can get one person, maybe a friend of mine, or even better, someone I don’t even know, and say to themselves, “Hey that goal that I have that I’ve been pushing off, is worth pursuing, and dang it, it’s time to get off the couch and “get ‘er done,” then I have succeeded. So think about it. Try it. You’re worth the time and energy. You’re not too old to do anything.  If you join me in this movement, I will do my best to encourage you, to get off the couch and into FIRE.

With Couch 2 FIRE, will be I will start filling this site with encouraging bits of wisdom and some great interviews with people that got off the couch and into FIRE pursuing their own great accomplishments. I hope this site inspires you enough to work on those dreams and goals we all have in our lives. If you have any people you know that are already doing what they truly love and you think would help inspire others with their own personal journey in any area of life, please contact me with your reccomendation and contact info.  Thank you and I hope you join me in this movement into getting everyone on their way to accomplishing their amazing and important life goals.


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